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Type: Private boat tour/Shared boat tour
Atractions: Blue cave, Komiza town, Green cave, Smokova sandy beach, Hvar town
Duration: 11 hours
Capacity: Max 11 people per boat
Accecories suggested for this tour: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, towels, water, camera
Recommneded for: Nature and sightseeing lovers, not recommended for children under 3 years old


Vis island is the furthest inhabited island in Croatia.  Vis is also considered to be the most beautiful island in Croatia. Its charm and natural beauty are preserved despite it's rising popularity.

During the time of Yugoslavia, the entire Vis island was considered to be one big military base used by Yugoslav army. Therefor, no foreign visitors were allowed on the island from 1950s up until 1989. 
The isolation of the island must be one of the main reasons why Vis island preserved its natural beauty.
That, and the fact that it is 40 nautical miles away from coast. The island's isolation drove the population elsewhere, leaving it underpopulated and underdeveloped.
Following the example of many islands in the Mediterranean, Vis' lack of development has become its stomp card on all the lists of the best destinations to visit.

 Your skipper will be picking you up on the agreed meeting point with one of our amazing boats.
The first ride is a bit long one. But don't let it discourage you. All of the boats in our charter are new, fast and enjoyable.
We will reach Bisevo island in no time. Bisevo island is our first destination of the day. In the small bay on the south-east side of the island lies the Blue grotto, also known as the Blue cave.
The blue cave is one of the 26 caves on the Bisevo island, however, it is by far the most beautiful one in the entire Mediterranean sea.
The cave was formed by the corrosion effect on the limestone caused by the Adriatic sea. The blue cave was originally only accessible trough the underwater entrance. This was the only natural entrance to the blue cave and it was only possible to reach it by diving underneath.
An artificial entrance, the one we use today to enter the cave using small boats was created in 1884.
This spectacular phenomenon is the best around 11 and 12 o'clock due to sunlight reflecting trough the water in the best possible angle, striking the white limestone bottom, and reflecting on the walls of the cave and bathing the cave into stunning aqua blue color.
The depth of the cave is up to 15 meters, even though due to pureness of the water it seems that you can almost touch the bottom.

After we finish Blue cave sightseeing, we will head for Komiza town on the island of Vis.
This small town is situated on the sunny side of the island, in the biggest bay of the island.
Komiza is the birthplace of Croatian fishing tradition, so it is no wonder that the best Croatian fishermen are found in Komiza town.
Komiza is truly amazing. Completely built in stone, the famous Dalmatian infrastructure offers lot in sightseeing department. You will have enough free time to take a walk and to have some coffee.

Next stop is the Green cave. The Green cave is hidden on the small island of Ravnik.
This cave is also a result of the sea abrasion, however it is much bigger than the blue cave.
It is called the green cave, due to green color on the walls of the cave which is caused by the seaweed and the sun reflection from an opening on the top of the cave.  The sun rays strike the sea bottom, reflecting the green colour all around. The cave has two rather big entrances, therefor at the time of Yugoslavia it was used as a hideout for the smaller military boats.
Swimming in the green cave is possible, however it is optional.

As our swimming destination we have chosen Smokova beach. Smokova beach is situated on the north-east side of the island of Vis in a lonely bay which used to belong to the Yugoslavian army.
Therefor it was preserved from any type of construction. This is one of the rare pure sand beaches in the area, or in Croatia in general. This amazing bay is perfect for swimming and playing in the sand.
However, the interesting thing is that there is a sunken world war 2 airplane wing on only 2 meters depth.  This is by far our favorite beach, so we hope you will like it as well.

It is about right time to head for Hvar island.
Hvar town, on the island of Hvar is the capital of the island. That is understandable, due to it's amazing infrastructure, nightlife and content.   
Old town of Hvar may be a number one summer party destination, but we still think that Hvar town owes its popularity to its historical buildings and heritage more than it does to party clubs.
Fortica fortress, a watchful protector of Hvar town provides a stunning view. That is, if you're willing to climb the stairway. But the photos are worth the climb.
Hvar town is also famous for having one of the oldest theaters in Europe. The museum, the sanctuary, kala streets.. You name it, they have it.
You will have plenty of time to have lunch in Hvar town and to complete your tour with sightseeing.
Departure from Hvar will take place around 17:00.
We should be arriving to Split or Trogir around 18:30.


Route plan

07:00/07:45 | Departure from Trogir/Split
09:30 | Sightseeing of the Blue cave
10:15-11:15 | Komiza town sightseeing and coffe break
11:45-12:15 | Green cave sightseeing
12:30-13:30 | Smokova bay, the sandy beach
14:15-17:00 | Hvar town, free time for lunch and sightseeing
18:15/18:45 | Back in Split/Trogir


Private boat tour (Highly recommended):

up to 11 pax: 820 €

Price includes:

  • Boat hire
  • Skipper
  • Safety equipment
  • Insurance
  • Water on board

Price excludes:

  • Personal expensses
  • Lunch
  • Ticket for the Blue cave
  • Ticket for the green cave

Shared boat tour:

145€/per person

Price includes:

  • Boat hire
  • Fuel
  • Skipper
  • Safety equipment
  • Insurance
  • Water on board
  • Ticket for the Blue cave

Price excludes:

  • Personal expensses
  • Lunch
  • Ticket for the Green cave


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