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Discover the secrets of Brac and Solta


Discover the secrets of Brac and Solta


Type: Private boat tour
Atractions: Murvica beach, War tunnel, Milna town, Sunken ship
Duration: 9 hours
Capacity: Max 11 people per boat
Accecories suggested for this tour: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, towels, water, camera
Recommneded for: People who like to avoid crowds, enjoy relaxation sunbathing and swimming


Not a big fan of crowds?
Brac and Solta boat excursion is designed for sun lovers. You will spend most of your day swimming in the different bays and beaches.
Our best advice for this boat trip is to bring your sunglasses and put a lot of sunscreen.

The skipper will pick you up on the agreed place at 9:00.
After 45 minutes of a pleasant ride we will reach Milna on the island of Brac. This small, quiet settlement is going to be our first stop of the day.
Milna does not offer much in the sightseeing department. Stoned houses with wooden green windows and red rooftops. In the middle a beautifull small church, „Gospe od Blagovijesti“ built by our fellow citizen from Trogir, Inacije Macanović. A typical dalmatian infrastructure,  
However, that's why we like it so much. A nice small harbour with a dalmatian ring to it.
Nothing but the click sound of flip-flops going down the riva and undertoned conversations of locals while they're sipping their morning coffee.
We will be joining them for coffee, of course. And their „Fjaka“ state of mind. If you don't know what „fjaka“ is, you will get there soon enough.
You can also take a walk and strech your legs down the riva.
After having our morning coffee, we are ready to continue our journey.
Our next destination is going to be the highlight of the day.
Murvica beach is located on the south side of the Brac Island. It is hard to reach it by land due to steep terrain.
Therefore, you will have your privacy on this beach, unlike on the crowded public beaches. This golden beach is definitly one of our favorites.
The water is so pure you do not need snorkels to see the sea bottom. Even though, we will hand you a pair.
You do need a camera to capture the beauty.
After you recharge your batteries on the sun, get ready for our 3rd stop of the day.
The secret war tunnels. This mysterious place, a relic from the time of Jugoslavia, used to be a secret military base. They were mostly used as a hideout for submarines and millitary ships.
But the main reason we are visiting this place is the Tarzan rope. It is a rope placed in the middle of the tunnel by the local fishermen as a means of getting from one side of the tunnel to another.
For us it is a means of having fun, swinging around and jumping into the sea.
By the time we finish our tarzan excersises, it should be about right time to have lunch.
For this, we have chosen Stomorska village on the island of Solta.
We will be docking our boat right in front of the restaurant. The smell of delicous domestic food will lure you. It is hard to resist it.
After the lunch we will have our last swim of the day in the Necujam bay. Necujam bay is the largest bay on the island of Solta. And the very last corner of the bay hides a small surprise.
Just underneath the surface you can see the blured form of the sunken wooden ship.
Perfect place for snorkeling and in case you have a GoPro, the titanic style photos will amaze your friends at home.
After we finish our swim in the Necujam bay, it is time to head back home. It will take us only 30 minutes to be on the same starting point we were in the morning. Except we will be back richer for one great experience. Milna town, swimming, rope swinging, snorkeling, tasting dalmatian food..
You don't have to take our word for it. Try it yourself. But trust us on the sunscreen.


Route plan

09:00 | Departure from Trogir/Split
09:45-10:15 | Milna town - Coffe break
10:45-12:45 | Murvica beach, Soaking up the sun and relaxing on the secret beach
13:00-13:30 | War tunnels and the "Tarzan rope" - island Brac
14:15-16:00 | Stomorska lunch time (you need to try the tuna steak!) - island Solta
16:15-17:15 | Shipwreck snorkeling in Necujam bay - island Solta
18:00 | Back in Split/Trogir


1-7 pax: 590,00 € (smaller boat)
8-11 pax: 690,00 € (bigger boat)

Price includes:

  • Boat hire
  • Fuel
  • Skipper
  • Safety equipment
  • Insurance
  • Water on board

Price excludes:

  • Personal expensses
  • Lunch

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