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Fast and reliable speed boat taxi from Split airport or any other destination in Central Dalmatia.
Our Split boat transfer service is an ideal way to get fast to one of the islands, Hvar, Brac, Solta, Drvenik or even Vis. Our boats are fast, reliable and well maintaned, therefor you will get to your destination in the fastest and safest possible way. Speed boat taxi can be organised at any time of day, based upon your request.
Your vacation time is precious, don't waste it in the line for ferry.

SPECIAL OFFER: Kill two birds in one shot.
You are already booking a boat. Why not make the best of your time and money?
Implement a boat trip in your speed boat transfer. HOW?
We will organise a special tailored boat tour.
After we pick you up in the morning on the Split airport, get ready to enjoy your first day in Croatia in the best possible way.
After cruising around the islands, we will drop you off to your apartment on Hvar, Brac or Solta.
You are getting a speed boat taxi to your apartment and having a boat trip in the same day.
Find out more, send us an inquiry and we will inform you about the details and the price.

ROUTE                                                              PRICE                                 DURATION

SPLIT/SPLIT AIRPORT - HVAR                       from 350€                             1h

SPLIT/SPLIT AIRPORT - BOL                          from 350€                             1h15min

TROGIR - HVAR                                               from 350€                             1h15min

SPLIT AIRPORT - SPLIT                                  from 150€                             25min

SPLIT AIRPORT - VIS TOWN                          from 400€                             1h40min

SPLIT/SPLIT AIRPORT - STARI GRAD           from 350€                             1h15min

SPLIT/SPLIT AIRPORT - JELSA                     from 400€                              1h30min

TROGIR - DRVENIK                                        from 200€                              30min

More routes are available, prices are of informational character and the final price may varry.

DISCLAIMER: In case of bad weather, Klaric Nautika Charter holds the right to cancel the boat transfer.
Klaric Nautika Charter can't be held responsible for bad weather conditions which may result in the loss of time. We understand your time on vacation is precious, however safety is our number one priority.